About The Internet

Who runs the Internet

Understanding client and server

The Client

  • The device in front of you
  • Runs some kind of web browser

The Server

  • Where your public website lives
  • Hardware server: the physical computer that serves up web pages
  • Software server: the program that runs to serve up the web pages(Apache)

Client-Server Communications


Internet Service Provider

  • Comcast/Cox/your cable company
  • Verizon/AT&T/your FIOS provider
  • Verizon/AT&T/your cell phone company
  • Satellite internet, dialup internet, etc

Point of Clarify

  • ISPs provide the IP address to the modem or router in your house
  • You may have another level of IP address within your house for your devices
  • To the outside world, all of your home internet traffic looks the same


  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol - foundation of data communication for the web
  • “S” is secure, aids in security during data transmission



Understanding Web Hosting

Your website needs a home

  • Website live on servers
  • You don’t have a server at your home
  • You can rent server space via a web hosting service

Pricing & Service

A good host:

  • Updates the server and keeps it secure
  • Provides high uptime
  • Provides reasonable bandwith(data transfer)
  • Provides technical support as needed

FTP: File Transfer protocol

  • Create web files, organized in folders, on your computer
  • Transfer the files and any folders to the web host
  • FileZilla Client is good free software for ths
  • Web host will tell you how to connect with FTP

Domain Name

  • Address for your website
  • Many different endings for these but most common and best known is .com
  • Host provides a temporary address

Understanding Domain Name

Top Level Domain

  • .com.net.org
  • .gov: US government only
  • .edu: Higher education in the US only
  • .mil: US military
  • .fr.es.uk.au.de.jp.us: Country codes

Good Domain Names

  • Easy to spell
  • Not too long
  • Easy to say over the phone
  • Easy to remember
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers
  • Avoid copyright and trademark issues

Connect Name to Hosting

  • DNS: Domain Name System
  • Translates name to IP address
  • DNS settings provided by hosting company
  • Take 48-72 hours to implement


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